Petal Plantstand

Beth & John Zacherle

Petal Plantstand  /  Custom Furniture  /  Designed by Beth & John Zacherle
Designed to save space for the urban dweller and provide flexibility of use, the Petal Plantstand is an innovative solution made with off-the-shelf products to hold domestic plants and accessories. Utilizing existing technology in a new way, the vertical stem is held in place like a tension rod between the floor and ceiling. The height of the piece can be altered to accommodate any ceiling height by adjusting the plate-to-stem connection by hand. Supporting standard pots or shelving inserts, custom-designed rings clamp to the stem by tightening a single fastener. This creative and simple detail allows the rings to be adjusted to any height or rotational position desired thereby allowing sunlight to reach many plants in a small space. 
Extended 'Petal Family' Concepts:
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